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Here's Help

      The Democratic National Committee is committed to electing Democrats at every level — from the school board to the Oval Office.  Our Georgia State Democratic party has a dedicated staff of volunteers and paid staff to help you.


Things to Know About Running for Office as a Democrat?  Here's How


         If you are running for office OR considering running:


  • The Towns County Democratic Committee does not formally support or endorse any candidate(s) until a final candidate is identified after the Primary election.

  • We encourage all candidates running in the Primary to request of our Towns Chair, Charlotte Sleczkowski, to speak at one of our upcoming monthly meetings: Townscountydemocrats@gmail.com

  • We will do our best to allow candidates time to make a presentation.


         The Georgia Democratic Party offers free guidance and free Zoom training to candidates.

If you do plan to run, contact Adrienne White

Email: adrienne@georgiademocrat.org


           Also, complete the Run In Georgia form at your earliest convenience by clicking HERE.


GA Statewide election dates

May 24, 2022: Primary for Dem and GOP

June 21, 2022: Primary runoff

November 8, 2022: General election

December 6, 2022: General runoff