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Help Stop Republican Voter Suppression Efforts

Write/Call Your State Representative and State Senator Before March 8 Asking them to Oppose Bad Bills

     Because Georgia Democrats continue to focus on allowing voters to vote and that simple action has resulted in our state becoming bluer every election, the Republicans and others who depend on voter suppression to stay in power, are trying to deny our rights legislatively. 

     As you may know the Georgia legislature is working hard to undermine our voting rights this session - ESPECIALLY by undermining our election administration processes - to further limit access to the ballot box!

     We want to keep you in the know and ask for YOUR HELP to Mobilize Democrats - especially as the critical "Cross Over Date" for bills to be voted in as law approaches - we need to make our voices heard now!

     Over a half dozen or more bad bills have been already introduced, including SB122, SB222, SB212 - and we are asking for your help to mobilize Dems to speak against these bills today and this week!

Here’s the link to SB122

     Which, amongst other things, removes provisions for keeping such ballots and  documents under seal – private and protected.

Here’s the link to SB212

     Which, amongst other things, could change the way some counties in Georgia appoint Board of Election Board (BRE/BOE) Members – and undermine fair representation and participation in making decisions about how elections are conducted here in Georgia – especially in some of our most vulnerable areas!

Here’s the link to SB222

     Which, amongst other things, seeks to limit funding used by local government to make up for the lack funding provided by the State to conduct our elections.

     We need your help to take action and stop this assault on our most sacred democratic process - today!


Rapid response is needed.  Please Act NOW!

  • Crossover Day is March 6th, just days away. Crossover Day is when legislation that has passed out of the House or Senate is transmitted to the other chamber for a vote. Since legislation must be voted on by both the House and Senate, we have a very short window of time to stop these “ruse” bills from going to the floor for a vote. If we act NOW we can stop these bills! 

  • What you can do today… We Need to Make Our Voices Heard - We Must TELL - Call - Email our Representatives and denounce bills as SB122, SB212 and SB222 – which undermine fair representation and participation in our Election Process and the administration of elections here in Georgia!

  • We Need to Be on the Phones Calling Our Representatives -- Saying NO WAY to Bills SB122, SB212, SB222!

  • Call your local Democratic friends and ask them to TAKE ACTION NOW by calling both their local Senate and House representatives and asking them to vote NO on SB122, SB212 and SB222.

  • Folks can find their representatives here: 

  • This means calling our (unfortunately) Republican representatives in the Georgia Assembly, but we need to let them know their underhanded efforts to suppress our votes are being watched by the public and they can't hide behind the heavy wooden doors of the State House!

Read the Legal Analysis on why these Bad Bills miss the Mark

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